Don’t Leave Your Sales to Rot Among Spreadsheets

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Is your sales organization still stuck in the Excel era, while the rest of the B2B marketplace has galloped away into digital bliss? Surprising as it is, even today many large high-tech enterprises often leave their sales teams to rot amidst spreadsheet drudgery, failing to give them the tools and technologies they need to hit and exceed quota.

Companies also rely on Excel-based systems to manage their rep compensation and commissions. This can be a highly manual, inefficient, and reactive way of doing things. It’s not like there isn’t a better way. Sales Performance Management or SPM is an evolutionary activity that can help drive efficiencies across your sales organization. Figure out where you are stand in the SPM roadmap and where you want to go. Read a post by our Director of Sales & Partner Operations, Christine Dorrian: And you can even get a framework to step up your SPM game.

The digital era has also forced upon you highly-educated buyers who have done their research. These buyers are pretty advanced in the buying cycle, know your product, your competitors, and have specific buying criteria. Are your reps able to deal with and add value to the educated customers’ conversation? Take a look at a post by our SVP of Sales, Eric Brown: New technologies can help deliver real-time sales intelligence at a level, never seen before.

New technologies and processes can drive intelligence and efficiencies only when sales and marketing are truly integrated. Sales and marketing integration has been talked about for years, but no longer is it a nice to have. According to data from Demand Metric, 80% of companies achieve revenue goals when their sales and marketing teams are highly integrated and only 36% of companies achieve goals when there is ZERO integration. Learn in your organization.

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