6 Surprising Statistics on Social Selling That All Salespeople Should Know [Infographic]

social-selling-stats.jpgSocial selling is by no means a new phenomenon, but adoption among sellers is still the exception to the rule. Why research a prospect on LinkedIn or Twitter when a rep can simply pick up the phone and find out everything they need to know? And the last time I heard, people still read and answered their emails. Maybe incorporating social media into the sales process is just an overblown fad, and those who hop on the social selling train too soon will regret their actions sooner rather than later.Well, technically anything’s possible, but the data sides in favor of social selling. If you haven’t yet started to weave social media into to your day-to-day sales processes, check out the following infographic from Sales For Life which features six eyebrow-raising statistics on the forces behind social selling. Not sold on social selling? Consider that buyers who engage on social media have far bigger budgets than those who don’t — 84% bigger, to be exact. Or that sellers who use social far outpace their non-social selling peers in terms of quota attainment. It’s not too late to climb aboard the social selling train — get started today.social-selling-statistics-1.jpg

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