How Social Studio Uses AI To Keep Your Customers Happy

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When you think of Artificial Intelligence (AI), what comes to mind? Westworld hosts? Terminators? HAL from 2001? How about Social Customer Service? Throughout recent memory, Hollywood and pop culture have been preparing us for an AI takeover, however the real impact of AI is being felt in a completely different industry, customer service.

Customer service has traditionally centered around repetitive tasks that require a lot of time.  Because of this, service teams have traditionally been early adopters of any technology that provides efficiencies and reduces redundancy (think: call center menu automation). So it’s no wonder why this industry has welcomed AI—not to replace the workforce, but to help them.

Starting to question all previous notions of AI you’ve known in the past? Keep reading to learn how AI is shaping the future of the Customer Service.

1: Classify and Route Posts to Save Time

Anyone working on a social media team knows there are never enough hours in the day. Responsibilities include (but are not limited to): planning campaigns, executing day-to-day tasks, measuring impact, and managing the company’s social strategy. With so many necessary tasks, automation can be a social expert’s best friend.

Automated custom classifiers are a must have for any service team looking for speed, efficiency and scale. This AI powered feature allows you to set-up custom classifications to determine if a social media post falls into a specific criteria, such as product mentions, questions, praise, purchase intent or complaints. Then route it accordingly based on the intent that the classification suggest.

2: Identify Mood and Language to Create Better Customer Experiences

Not every customer speaks the same language or has the same urgency, and that is evident when you read some of the customer service posts you receive on your social channels. Through Social Studio, you can prioritize and automatically route messages based on the post’s sentiment or mood, to ensure that customers in stressful situations are given the proper visibility. Customers who write in a certain language can be routed to a agent who speaks that same language. 

3: Detect and Remove SPAM from your Communities

Spam is always an issue when maintaining the integrity of the of a social channel. AI can help curb this nuisance and keep your channel clear by identifying spam posts and its source based on the keywords in the post. This optimizes your team’s time and focus while saving money by removing spam from daily backlogs.

4: “See” the Web with Image Intelligence

Images have surpassed text as the medium of choice in social conversations. Just look at the growth of image-based social networks like Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, and Tumblr. Established social giants such as Facebook and Twitter have always encouraged sharing of  images and photos seeing higher engagement on posts with images. KPCB’s Mary Meeker stated in her annual 2016 Internet Trends Report that 3.5 billion images are uploaded on social a day. That’s a lot of images being shared! What’s more significant than that number is the opportunity that marketers are missing to truly gauge brand sentiment and collect insights from fans sharing images and user generated pictures of their products on the visual web. That’s about to change thanks to AI and the ability to recognize images through Image Intelligence.

Image Intelligence allows brands to harness the power of the visual web by recognizing and classifying images through deep learning AI. This will allow brands to monitor both traditional text based content as well as the exploding volumes of content on the visual web by identifying such things as:

  • Logos
  • Objects (like products)
  • Scenes (locations)
  • Image attributes (colors, time of year)
  • Emotion on a person’s face

Check out Image Intelligence in action with SneakerIQ Demo

Although the current state of AI isn’t quite what Hollywood has envisioned, it is very much impacting how customer service is handled. AI is a game changer for companies who are focused on creating better experiences for the service teams and customers alike.

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