30 Email Etiquette Tips to Avoid Writing Sloppy Emails

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email-etiquette-compressor-087763-edited.jpgOne of the simplest yet most important characteristics of a great email? It follows basic rules of email etiquette.While picking a standard font and signing off with an appropriate signature might not be the most scintillating activity you do at work all day, these choices have a huge impact on how your message is received — not to mention, how your colleague, prospect, or contact thinks of you.Send a sloppy email, and your professional reputation will take a hit. Send a properly worded and formatted one, and your credibility will rise.We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to email etiquette. Familiarize yourself with the following 30 rules to ensure your emails are helping — not hurting — you at work.Punctuation, Grammar, and CopyProper sentence structure may sound overrated, but think of this way: After someone reads our email, do we want the main takeaway to be the core message, or the fact that we misused a semicolon? We’re guessing the former.  We’ll start with six punctuation-specific tips, then dive into other copy advice. Don’t worry, we won’t use any fancy grammatical terms such as “clauses” or “compound adjectives” — just plain English tips. Bubble1-01.png ” ” Quotation Marks

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