The 5 Phone Techniques Top Reps Are Using to Get Better Results Than You

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Modern prospects are bombarded with sales emails and social media selling campaigns. While their telephones once rang off the hook with sales calls, now their email and social networking inboxes are filled to the brim. Simply put, your prospects are no longer inundated with phone calls.What does this mean for you? Modern sellers have a huge opportunity to stand out from the crowd by picking up the phone, dialing your prospects’ numbers, and getting them on the line.

For the salespeople who understand how to properly execute phone sales, the telephone is still one of the most effective selling tools on the market today. But it’s not just enough to get your prospects on the phone. Once you do, you must grab their attention and earn their trust. Follow these five recommendations to beat your competition in sales and make your calls and voicemails productive.

1) Say the opposite of what’s expected.

While your prospects are receiving fewer sales phone calls than ever before, they’re probably still fielding them on a weekly basis. This means that they’re on the defensive, looking to avoid sales calls that will waste their time. If you sound just like every other salesperson from the moment your prospects answer, you’ll be dead on arrival.

That’s why you need to set yourself apart from the typical “salesy” caller by saying the opposite of what’s expected. Avoid sounding like every other salesperson by lowering your enthusiasm, and speaking in a calm, genuine voice. Never be overly cheerful or greet prospects too loudly. During the first few moments of a call, prospects should be unsure about whether or not you’re even a salesperson.

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