Report: European Digital Marketing Survey 2018

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In the SALESmanago – European Digital Marketing Survey 2018 took part: experts, specialists, Marketing Automation platform users, CEOs, CMOs, influencers and all these, interested in the topic of marketing giving the comprehensive answer to all important questions that all of us are asking in 2018.


About participants

The most numerous group of the participants was established by B2B and eCommerce representatives. The answers were also given by the entreprturs from B2C and Retail, Software, Training and coaching, Finance and Banking as well as other sectors.


45% of the respondents were the owners of small (1-10 employees) and big (50+ employees) companies.

About Marketing Automation


The number of Marketing Automation users

59% of respondents are taking advantage of Marketing Automation systems on a daily basic

63% of entrepreneurs who haven’t implemented Marketing Automation in their companies yet are planning to do it in 2018.  


The results are showing that Marketing Automation system are getting more popular among both small and big companies. Contrary to popular belief, automating the marketing is beneficial for small, medium companies and enterprises as well and the automation is providing a wide range of possibilities and perks that are making everyday work more efficient. Moreover, the solution is suitable not only for eCommerce but also nearly any sector.


What affects the decision to purchase the Marketing Automation platform

The decision is affected is affected by many factors such as:

  • possibilities of integration (23,8%)
  • features and solutions (18,1%)
  • support during implementation (16,0%)

as well as usability (14,1%) and the cost of implementation (14,8%).



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How to choose an appropriate system


Knowing more about the possibilities and benefits that are coming from the implementation of Marketing Automation platform the question is where to get the information while choosing the software for your company.

For 30% of respondents the main source of information while choosing the software for their company are the materials published by developers (blog, case studies, reports, ebooks, etc.).   

20% of participants pointed that they are getting the information in form of recommendations from people they know while 14% are looking for the information in agencies and market analysts reports.

Only as little as 4% of respondents are basing their opinion on reviews on discussion groups and 8% – ratings on websites with user opinions.



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Main marketing challenges in 2018


In 2018 most of the respondents (21%) want to focus on lead generation and e-mail marketing automation (18%).

An important task in a current year for entrepreneurs is the conversion of the anonymous traffic into leads (14%) and better use of Social Media (13%).  

Most of the participants answered the question “What are you planning to focus on in the coming year?” with:




Marketing efficiency


On a 1-5 scale (very good – poor) 38% of the respondents reviewed their marketing efficiency as good and 33% as average. Only 5% of the participants suggested that their marketing is of a poor efficiency.

Cooperation between sales and marketing teams


40,6% of participants described the level of cooperation between sales and marketing teams in their companies as “Close cooperation”. In 30,7% of companies the cooperation is loose, 16,5% occasional there is no such cooperation in as many as 5,9% of firms.


Best ways to generate leads


Who can give a more valuable answer to this question than those who are facing such challenge on a regular basis? Thanks to their experience and answers given we are able to provide the list of best solutions.


The best ways of acquiring new leads are:


Sources of leads of the highest quality


Taking into account the answers above, the best sources of lead generation are recommendations, forms on website, social media and PPC.



Frequency of conducted analysis

To interpret the results correctly, manage the actions and gradually improve your marketing it is a key to constantly analyze gathered data. The analytics itself is a source of most valuable information about the efficiency of implemented solutions. How it is however in real life? How often do we take advantage of them?


30,7% of respondents revealed that they analyze their marketing activities once a week.

24,8% however do that once a day and 20% 3-4 times a week.

18,3% of participants do it even less often and as many as 6,2% do not measure the effects of marketing activities at all.


Tools to measure the marketing performance


The tools that are chosen the most often are Google tools (38,8%).

20,9% of respondents are using Marketing Automation platforms in that order.

17,5% take advantage of internal platform analytics while 16,1% use the analytics offered by social media.

5,6% of participants do not measure the effects of marketing activities and the 1,2% take advantage of other tools.




Most commonly used communication channels



Communication channels to implement this year




Most often used marketing tools



The least often used marketing tools



Marketing tools to implement in 2018



Most overhyped marketing technology/solution


Like in the real life, in the world of marketing a new trend appears and passes from time to time. That’s why we asked our respondents which of them do they consider the most overhyped right now. Here are the results:

The opinion of our respondents, the paid online promotion (16,54%) and company blog (15,75%) is the most overhyped trend.


Most of them consider Marketing Automation as the most promising trend. They are interested in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning usage as well as Video Marketing.




Main marketing goals for 2018


To develop the business dynamically it is a key to form and analyze the goals. What are the goals for 2018?


The main goal for most of the respondents are generating new leads (62,99%).


55,91% decided to increase the website traffic which is their main goal for the current year.


44,88% plans to take care of the brand recognition and 33,07% plan to improve relationships with existing customers.


Actions to take this year to improve marketing results


We’ve asked our respondents how they plan to improve their marketing results for the next period.
27.1% of entrepreneurs plan to focus on the better planning of activities and the same percentage of respondents (27.1%) want to make investments in technology (for example – CRM or marketing automation tools).

17.6% said that the way to improve their performance is training, and 13.2% want to get better results by increasing the budget.

7.4% of respondents indicate Outsourcing and 5.6% for employment growth.




42.4% of respondents plan to introduce major changes in the marketing strategy related to

new technologies.

All sample persons plan to implement in their activities tools for marketing automation, including using AI and Machine Learning. In addition, they also want to broaden Social Media channels and expand Video Marketing.

Budget, investments

65.2% of respondents plan to increase the marketing budget in 2018.

62.6% of participants want to invest in marketing technologies.

Entrepreneurs plan to allocate additional funds for the implementation of Marketing Automation tools. Some of them also want to spend part of the budget on the development of Content Marketing, promotion of Social Media, as well as the implementation of Big Data or Machine Learning.


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